Who can compete?
All ages. All sexes. With age categories, so that more people can win and people compete against those their own age, more or less. 0-150 years old!! 0-5 year category, 5.01 to 10 year, 10.01 - 15 years old, etc. And women compete against women and men against men.
You can compete if you are from inside or outside of Delaware. We welcome visitors. "Ringers", those who are muscly competitors, even professional athletes, are also welcome. Can someone invite Arnold Schwarzenegger??
Sure. Medallions with ribbons around your neck for winners, except the top winners could get bigger trophies. Do you have terrific objects to donate that would make a nice prize like a giant seashell or starfish or nifty driftwood? CONTACT US.
What are the rules?
1.  No four letter words - this is a family friendly event in family friendly Rehoboth Beach. Say fooey, not f$%^. Say shoot, not s$%^. Say darn. You get it. Grunting is allowed.  Other four letter words like beer, love, wine, fudge and rum are also permitted!
2. We try to keep the rules and regs to a low roar, and get on with the fun, BUT, some may feel that other competitors cheated if they don’t do a “Full” pull up or push up. So, we have to say it: Full Range of Motion. FRM means that for the pull ups, you have to drop all the way down, full extension of your arms, and raise your body up until your chin is ABOVE the bar. No “kipping” or swinging your feet. For push ups, no raising your butt way up and down. Looks gross. Keep your body straight from shoulders to ankles. Full range of motion here means all the way up until your arms are straight, and all the way down until your chest hits the squeaky dog and he squeaks. Hey, we’re having fun here. Push and pull ups. No fair spreading your arms so far apart that you are only lifting up a half inch before your “arms are straight”.  Your hands should be placed on the bar, or on the push up pad no farther apart than one fist’s length away from your shoulder.
3. Judges rulings on “doesn’t count” are final. No appeals, no lawsuits.  Our judges will be as flexible as possible. Especially with the kids.
What about the most Pushups for our large team?
Yes, we will have a prize for that and other super achievement.
Isn’t this complicated?
No, a chin up/ pull up bar is right there at Grove Park.  Two heights.  A sit up plank is also provided.  Smooth areas for pushups are right there.  There is even a shuffle board court yards away for fun for the kiddies.
Can my non-profit join the FUNdraising?
Yes! We want other non-profit do-good groups to join with us. The more the merrier. Our focus has been on Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Earth, More Jobs, but we would be glad to help/support other groups, good government /register to vote groups like the League of Women Voters, and groups that work against poverty, hunger and in favor of peace, like Rotary Club, etc. All such groups don't just sit back and wait for the money to roll in. We expect each group to supply a person to be a judge of the Full Range of Motion and other admin duties on the day of the contest, for an hour or so, not the entire time. Also, we expect such groups to reach out to their friends to get them to register and list a non-profit charity group[s] of their choice. 
so bear with us, as we work out the kinks.
CONTACT US with your questions or suggestions. If your questions are good ones, we will post them here in our FAQs (without using your name, of course).
PRIVACY. We will not share your contact information with other groups, unless you check the "Keep me informed of events like this" button.  We will remind you of our next UpwithDelaware events.

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