About UP With Delaware

Up with Delaware is a fundraising (UP with donations!) athletic event, benefitting several good guy charities in Delaware. We hope to have family fun, raise funds, and encourage good healthy exercise habits. And draw tourists to our wonderful beaches.  Rehoboth Beach claims bragging rights as America’s Summer Capitol.
We encourage men and women, girls and boys, all ages, to REGISTER HERE and decide which of the several charities you want your donations to benefit. Practice your UPs, push ups, pull ups, chin ups and sit ups.  
For a good cause
According to this 2014 Gallup poll, Delaware is one of the worst states for exercise! We've got to beat that. We need to promote all sorts of healthy lifestyles, including regular exercise.
How did we come up with this muscle beach idea?? We had participated in several fun/run/walks and were thinking of something new. Since our main organizer is a US Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine) who likes pushups, we thought why not? We looked for other similar contests and did not find any like this so we hope to draw people to Rehoboth Beach DE from all around the US, or the world!  Special prize for the contestant who come the farthest distance to compete. Special prize for the contestant who comes the farthest by BICYCLE! And farthest by zero-pollution car!

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